A Modern Artistic Ink Experience at MGM COTAI

From writing to painting, ink has played a pivotal role in Chinese history and culture. It remains as relevant today as it did over 5,000 years ago. And today, MGM and Art Macao present a creative transformation with “Hua Yuan”, a modern artistic ink experience.

In collaboration with two world-renowned contemporary artists, Jennifer Ma Wen and Yang Yongliang, this exhibition is an exploration of the inherent beauty of ink. Ma uses ink’s intrinsic connectivity and diversity to present a large-scale multimedia and art installation of three gardens. She’s also the creative force behind an installation opera that combines tradition and innovation. Yang harnesses his expertise in technology and photography to create a breakthrough in the transformation of a classical Chinese ink. Both artists embrace a modern scientific spirit to reinterpret traditional aesthetics, to create their masterpieces that will take you through various realms of artistry.