Art Macao is a five-month mega international arts and cultural event – a creative festival of unprecedented scale, which aims to offer a new artistic and cultural experience to residence and tourists. Throughout the summer, this grand cultural and artistic festival features a series of artistic events, including a number of international exhibitions, performances, international youth festivals and visual arts exhibitions of Macao higher education institutions.


Sanctuary, designed by João Ó and Rita Machado is a site-specific outdoor intervention located at the top of the hill, within the defence walls of Mount Fortress, once a historical military centre of Macau is now transformed into a prime location for tourist to get a panoramic view of the city and the mainland area. It is from the weight of the history embedded at this site that this temporary bamboo structure reveals its meaningful strategy, a shaded canopy to protect the passersby from the elements and give peace of mind, rest and contemplation before their departure to the next destination.

OrganizerCultural Affairs Bureau
Supporting organization(s)MGM
Venue(s)Mount Fortress Garden
Opening HourJune 6 to August 25
Participating artistsJoão Ó, Rita Machado