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Hua Yuan Art Tour
Immerse in Ink Artistry

Meeting Point: MGM COTAI – Emerald Lobby See Map
June 7 - October 20
Duration: 40 minutes
Monday - FridayWeekend
11:30 - Cantonese10:30 - Mandarin
14:00 - English12:00 - Cantonese
16:00 - Mandarin14:00 - English
18:30 - Cantonese16:00 - Mandarin
18:30 - Cantonese
Journey through the works of Jennifer Wen Ma and Yang Yongliang, and see creativity from a beautifully different perspective. The artists’ expertise in illustrating traditional culture with technological innovations present a truly immersive experience that brings art to life before your eyes. Let us show you how to fully appreciate the three large-scale multimedia and art installations, “A Metamorphosis: No End to End” and “Journey to the Dark II”.

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